The most precious of cargo, our kids and grandkids. FM Fuel & Resources aids local schools districts and their transportation departments by providing quality products and services that help safely move over 26 million kids over 33.3 million miles every day of the school year.

Transporting students is a major cost for school districts. Using high quality unbranded fuel is an efficient way to cut those costs. We offer gasoline and diesel in transport load tanks at the lowest cost available with local delivery options. Allow us to guide your fuel needs cost-effectively and quality assured.

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  • #2 Clear Diesel
  • #2 Dyed Diesel
  • #2 Clear Bio-Diesel
  • #2 Dyed Bio-Diesel
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid via our Simple DEF
  • Ethanol Gasoline in all grades
  • Non-Ethanol Gasoline
  • Antifreeze – Mono-Ethylene Glycol (EG)
  • Antifreeze – Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG)
  • Solvents