FM Fuel & Resources is recognized as one of the nation’s top fuel brokerage company with remarkable service for all customers.

Gasoline & Diesel Fuels

Buying unbranded fuels can help cut costs while maintaining quality. We supply all grades of ethanol and non-ethanol gasolines, diesel and biodiesel fuels, clear and dyed regular, to various customers like convenience stores, supermarkets and truck stops.

Aviation & Jet Fuels

FM Fuel & Resource services both private and commercial aviation sectors by providing high quality fuel. From crop dusting to charter flights to forest fire suppression aircraft, we have multiple nationwide resources for timely provisions that serve your needs.

Clear & Dyed BioDiesel

Whether you require diesel for on- or off-road, we have you covered. Biodiesel is derived from plants and animals and contains virtually no sulfur which means that diesel engines can reduce emissions up to 70% while reducing engine wear as well.


FM Fuel & Resources offers solvent products in drum quantities, 5s and 1s (minimum three cases of six 1-gallon cans per case). Organic products (acids, caustic, etc.) are only available in drums.

Gear Oils & Lubricants

FM Fuel & Resources offers an extensive line of gear oil and lubricants from construction to oilfield roustabouts. These lubricants are an economical part of an essential maintenance plan to keep equipment running efficiently so you have no down time on your project.

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We provide daily pricing to our customers through our state-of-the-art computer-assisted pricing and bid system. FM Pricing System/FM Pricing was developed internally to enable us the best possible value provisions for our customers. Learn More >


Our national network allows us to provide fuel needs to 5,000 customers in 35 states. FM Fuel and Resources also has the ability to service Mexico and Canada. Learn More >


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