Perhaps you missed our exciting news last month. 

Following an amicable dispute over the name, ‘Fuel Masters’, the company is now branded as ‘FM Fuel & Resources’. The company’s approach to how it conducts business isn’t changing; it will continue to set the bar high with optimistic goals for the new decade – including the expansion of its footprint into new markets, as well as entering new states.

“The foundation or the core of our business will still be built upon relationships just as it has since our inception in 2003 with our founder, John Landers,” explains Bobby Grimes, of FM Fuel & Resources.  “However, these exciting changes will solidify those relationships within new markets we have not had the opportunity to serve before.”

Those changes include lubricants now being offered along with the DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid.  FM Fuel & Resources launched ‘Simple DEF’ ( to provide both their customer base and prospects a trusted DEF solution.  DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles in order to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. 

The introduction of these products will open new business segments for the company.  Developing these new segments will potentially enable FM Fuel & Resources to later expand its fuel product offerings to these new customers and drive additional mutual success.

“This is a natural fit for us, the extensive lubricants and DEF; these make our product offerings more robust within the respective marketplace,” states Jamie Landers, also of FM Fuel & Resources.

In addition to the new product lines, FM Fuel & Resources is now capable of providing bulk storage with dispensers making fuel ready-to-go in select markets – minimizing wait times for customers who have been accustomed to waiting for needed fuel.  Launched as ‘FM Fuel & Retail’, the inaugural site in the Permian Basin provides a 24/7 access, coupled with convenience and time-efficiency, for diesel and DEF (via Simple DEF) needs.   

“With the bulk storage we can provide fuel when the customer needs it; the customer will no longer be waiting for delivery in a few days – this is like ‘on-call’ fuel,” explains Grimes.       

“The bulk storage, coupled with the ‘fixed forward pricing,’ makes our company’s strengths into the new decade very exciting.  Our team and our partners are very excited to continue our pledge of being the complete resource for superior products,” adds Landers.

Another respected customer solution for FM Fuel & Resources includes ‘fixed forward pricing.’  Rare in the marketplace, ‘fixed forward pricing’ allows the customer to lock-in fuel pricing at today’s rates for up to two years – and just a minimum of 7,500 gallons (one transport load).  Yet most competitors who offer fixed pricing are only allowing one-year agreements with a 42,000-gallon minimum. With the new name/brand, a complete overhaul of the logo, a new URL, and a website were created.  The new site,, features fresh messaging, improved content hierarchy and navigation, and an easy-to-use back-end CMS (Customer Management System) – all with the highest standards of security.